So, you want beautiful bouncy voluminous curls, but you have thick hair that tends to be a challenge to manage. Don’t see it as a curse, though, for it is a blessing to have rich full hair that you can transform and enhance to any style you want to present and express yourself. Embrace those locks of yours, for we can’t really change it. What we can do, however, is make styling a little easier for you with these tips on what are the curling wands you could use for your thick hair. […]

Clean your bike right afterwards

All the slush and moisture from the snow can corrode your bikes if left unattended. So make sure the moment you get home, you clean your bicycle right away. Use a thick lubricator such as NixFrixShun to ensure all your parts run smoothly.

Never use WD-40 on your bike. However, you can spray a bit of it on your bike chain to get ride of excess moisture. For more information on proper bike maintenance, click here.